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Free Vision Testing For Children

March 8th

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good Start


Academic success requires 17 visual skills and 20/20 is only one of them.

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Life-changing success stories. Warning: May cause tears of joy

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Dr. Ettinger finds and treats vision problems that interfere with reading, learning. and attention.

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Success Stories

Life-changing success stories.
Warning: May cause tears of joy

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Our Doctor

Learn more about Dr. Ettinger’s extensive experience conducting vision therapy.

Our Staff

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor

    Dr. Henry Ettinger served on the faculty of the SUNY College of Optometry in 1983. He taught students ocular disease detection, refractive, and eye-muscle disorder

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  • Chief Vision Therapist
    Chief Vision Therapist

    Nelli Khanukova has worked with Dr. Ettinger since 1998. She obtained certification as a vision therapist from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, in 2009.

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  • Vision Therapist
    Vision Therapist

    Luiza Gurshumova has worked with Dr. Ettinger since 2000. She has extensive knowledge of general vision care, lenses, and especially vision therapy. She guides parents

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  • Vision Therapy Administrator
    Vision Therapy Administrator

    Jonathan Kesoglides has worked with Dr. Ettinger since 2014. As a child, he struggled with reading due to eye fatigue. After going through vision therapy himself, he now…

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Does your child:

  • Take hours to do homework?
  • Skip words when reading?
  • Have poor reading comprehension?
  • Avoid reading?
  • Have a short attention span?
  • Reverse Letters? (b,d)

             We have the solution.