Success Story of Alex

As a result of Vision Therapy, my child has taken an interest in school. Alex enjoys school now, and likes going to school. Before the program, he did not. He has more confidence, and even if he does get an answer wrong, he is enthusiastically willing to get it correct. He is reading much better....
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Success Story of Marie

Marie has improved greatly in self-esteem. She is a much happier child and because of this has developed closer relationships with her classmates. Her reading has gotten much better and her determination to read independently has increased. Her grades in the problem areas (science and math) have improved. Her writing has become neater and she...
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Success Story of Christopher

The Vision Therapy program is highly recommended. I was not aware of the differences in eyesight and vision until being introduced to this program. The problems my son Christopher was having were beyond my comprehension. I never imagined he was having a vision problem. Since participating in the program, there has been a drastic and positive...
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