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Holiday Gift (EYE)deas

Looking for that last minute stocking stuffer?

illuminated christmas trees The Vision Therapy Blog pooled our resources again this year for favorite games and activities that will help develop basic skills for: visual processing, fine-motor, eye-hand coordination and much more. Enjoy! Share!   The Vision Therapy Blog’s Top 10: 10....
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Preemies Need a Lifetime of Vision Care

Worldwide, 15 million babies are born premature (less than 37 weeks gestational age) every year. This population is at greater risk of abnormal visual and neurological development than children born full term.  The more premature, the greater the risk.  Visual deficits associated with preterm birth include reduced visual acuity, higher rates of Read more

Amazing Facts About Vision

20/20 Is Not Enough: The New World of Vision

Although we are commonly tested for sight, which we are born with, our vision, which involves the interplay between...
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