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Recess Matters: Skeffington’s Circles in the Schoolyard

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link: Dr. A.M. Skeffington first described the "four-circle figure" as a pictoral representation of vision in 1963. This model of vision is made up of four intersecting circles, with vision emerging from the intersection of all four. Through this intersection, Skeffington's circles demonstrate how vision as a...
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Is your vision functioning well? An eye chart can’t tell you

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link:

Not all vision screenings are created equal!

Many people are familiar with the "eye chart test" used in typical vision screenings and the score it gives--the phrase "20/20" is usually thought to mean the same thing as "perfect vision." However, most vision screenings provided at school...
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Amazing Facts About Vision

20/20 Is Not Enough: The New World of Vision

Although we are commonly tested for sight, which we are born with, our vision, which involves the interplay between...
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