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Some answers, more questions – Adult VT, Week 5

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link: August is Children’s Vision & Learning Month, and did you know that adults with undiagnosed vision problems who struggle with learning can benefit from vision therapy  as well? Difficulties while reading, working, and learning to play the cello caused this adult...
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No More Tummy Aches at Reading Time: Landon’s Success Story

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link: For young Landon C., a simple activity like writing or cutting with scissors took every ounce of his determination. Much more determination, in fact, than seemed necessary for such an intelligent and eager child. But Landon actively avoided reading and homework, complaining of Read more

Developments in Amblyopia Treatment

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link: brain blueExciting developments in understanding amblyopia are shaping how we can approach treatment in previously inconceivable ways. That there is considerable neuroplasticity in the visual system, and that amblyopia is a binocular (two-eyed) problem, are two important realizations...
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Vision Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury

In appreciation of the final day of Brain Injury Awareness Month, we have decided to honor one of Developmental Optometry's greatest friends in the world Visual Rehabilitation, Cavin Balaster. This interview, which originally appeared on theVTWorks blog in October 2013, is Cavin's account of the day he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and his incredible road to...
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Failure in Flint

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link: water In April 2014, in an attempt to save money, the city of Flint MI disconnected from Detroit's water system and reconnected to a water supply with the Flint River as its main source.  Eighteen months later, the...
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Milestones in Visual Development — Visual Impediments to Learning

Thank you to COVD for writing this piece. COVD Link:
Drs. Sheree Fetkin Wright and Charles Boulet continue their discussion of Milestones in Visual Development with Part 3, Visual Impediments to Learning.
  According to the American Optometric Association, failure to achieve developmental milestones during early...
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Amblyopia Part 2 – Treatment

Traditionally amblyopia has been treated by patching the better seeing eye until the amblyopic eye sees as well (or within one line of the visual acuity chart) as the non-amblyopic eye. Until recently, 6 hours a day of patching was typically used as the prescribed amount of time while wearing full time corrective lenses. Current...
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