Success Story of Jamila

When I first heard of Vision Therapy and the cost, I said I couldn°t afford it. However, there is no price you could put on this therapy, whether high or low. It was worth every penny spent. Vision Therapy helped Jamila a whole lot. She was interested in school, but she didn°t want to read; everything she did, she made mistakes. I didn°t know what to do. I was talking to another parent one day about our kids° schoolwork and they both had the same problems. Vision Therapy came to Jamila°s and my rescue. I can never stop thanking you so much for your time and your patience. We love you, Dr. Ettinger. Thanks for such a wonderful program. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, your caring, and your sharing. We love and appreciate you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so proud of Jamila. I knew she could do it. I°m so very, very grateful!

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